Storage solutions for Auckland – Self-Storage Containers

By Safestore ContainersJanuary 4, 2013Safestore Containers, Self Storage
Storage solutions for Auckland - Self-Storage Containers

When you live in a large urban area like Auckland, space can be a bit of an issue.

That is, not everyone has a large house in Auckland to store all their things, or maybe you’re in a flatting situation in Auckland and storage is limited to your own bedroom but Safestore Containers can help.

We have two Self-Storage facilities in Auckland, and these Self-Storage units in Auckland are safe, secure and affordable.

Our Self-Storage Facilities in Auckland

There are two Self-Storage facilities in Auckland – one in Glendene and one in Onehunga.  A Self-Storage unit is a fantastic storage solution – not only are they incredibly affordable, but a Self-Storage unit is strong and robust with no shared walls.

And our Self-Storage facilities can be accessed all year round.

To find out the different sizes of our Self-Storage units and the exact locations of our Self-Storage facilities, just go to our ‘Facilities’ page.