Self-Storage Units – pack right for peace of mind

By Safestore ContainersMay 8, 2013Safestore Containers, Self Storage

Safestore Containers have two Self-Storage facilities in Central Auckland and West Auckland.

Our Self-Storage units are strong and secure which means your items will be protected from the outside, but there are several things that we recommend on the inside to make your Self-Storage experience even better.

Here are a few handy hints when storing your items within a Self-Storage unit.

Self-Storage units – how to pack them correctly

Protecting your items is the number one priority within a Self-Storage unit.  You can use bubble wrap or, to keep costs down, newspaper is an excellent alternative.  Good sturdy boxes that are the same size will make packing them in your Self-Storage unit much more efficient.

Any fragile items within your Self-Storage unit should be put in boxes labelled clearly with FRAGILE.  There’s nothing worse than forgetting where your delicate items are stored and not transporting them properly once you’ve taken them out of your Self-Storage unit.

If you’re storing fridges or freezers in your Self-Storage unit then we highly recommend defrosting them first as any moisture within your Self-Storage unit could lead to a mould problem.

Leaving the fridge and freezer doors slightly ajar is also a great idea to avoid nasty smells within your Self-Storage unit.

Self-Storage Units from Safestore

Talk to Safestore Containers today about their Self-Storage facilities in Auckland – there’s one in Glendene, Auckland and the other is located in Onehunga, Auckland.