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By Safestore ContainersJuly 6, 2012Safestore Containers, Self Storage

Welcome to the very first blog post for Safestore Containers. We’ll be giving you tips and advice on the best Self-Storage solutions available.

Self-Storage Containers – news this month

We’re pleased to announce that 24 hour security cameras are now on-site at the Glendene self-storage container facility.

From a security point of view, storing your belongings in a container gives you a huge advantage.  Our Self-Storage units, made of steel, are much more robust than an ordinary aluminium storage garage and our Self-Storage units have no shared walls and an excellent locking system.

And now, when you choose to store your personal belongings with us in a Self-Storage unit in Onehunga and Glendene, Auckland, not only are you protected by full security fencing and electronic security gates – you now have the extra piece of mind of security cameras watching your Self-Storage unit 24/7.

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