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By Safestore ContainersSeptember 10, 2012Safestore Containers, Self Storage
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Hiring a Self-Storage unit provides an excellent storage solution in all sorts of situations.

In this blog we’ll be talking about all the different reasons you may need to use a Self-Storage unit from Safestore Containers.

Situations where you might need a Self-Storage Unit

To de-clutter a house that’s for sale

Make your house look bigger and more attractive to buyers by removing your extra possessions and placing them in your own self-storage unit during viewing times. 

If you’re in between homes

Now that you’ve sold your home, there’s a bit of time before you’re able to move into your new house.  Our Self-Storage units come in convenient sizes so it’s an excellent way to store your goods while in between houses.

If you’re going overseas

You’re off on your big OE and need to store your things long-term but at an affordable price.  A Self-Storage unit from Safestore Containers is affordable and will keep your things safe and secure for however long you’re away.

If you want your garage back

It’s a common problem – slowly but surely your garage becomes full of more and more things that you accumulate over the years.  A Self-Storage unit is an excellent place to put all this ‘stuff’ so you can reclaim your garage and even park the car back in there.  And chances are a Self-Storage unit is a safer, drier and more robust option to store your valuables than your garage.

If you’re a shop storing extra stock

Self-Storage units cater not only for domestic storage but can be a great option for commercial storage as well.  Perhaps your store has new stock but there’s no space for it in the shop – a Self-Storage unit is an excellent short-term solution.  Remember that Self-Storage units can be rented for short or long periods of time – whatever suits you.

To store businesses records

A Self-Storage unit is obviously a great place to store large items like furniture, bedding and sporting goods but there are other uses too.  Maybe much of your commercial storage space is taken up with documents and records that could be put elsewhere.  Get a Self-Storage unit to store your old records in a clean, dry and secure place and free up space in your office.

If the kids have left home

Your children have left home but they’ve left most of their things behind.  Rather than throw their stuff out and have them demand it back as soon as that’s happened, get a Self-Storage unit for their possessions until the kids need them again.

Self-Storage units for hire from Safestore Containers

Self-Storage units from Safestore Containers can cater for all of these needs and more.  Contact Safestore Containers today about a Self-Storage unit to help with all your storage needs.