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Contaiers for Hire and Self-Storage Containers

Safestore Containers have two Self-Storage Container facilities in Central Auckland and West Auckland.  They also have Containers for Hire available in the Auckland area that can be delivered to your door.

Our Self-Storage Containers and Containers for Hire are strong and secure which means your items will be protected from the outside, but there are several things that we recommend on the inside to make your storage experience even better.

Here are a few handy hints when storing your items within a Self-Storage Container or Container for Hire. Continue reading

Containers for Hire

Over 50 years ago a man named Malcolm McLean had the idea of transporting goods on ships in enormous metal boxes.  And so the shipping container was born.  A robust, rectangular box made of steel that must be able to withstand the extremes of weather while at sea.

For this reason, all shipping containers are manufactured to high standards and exact specifications set down by the International Standards Organisation (ISO).

This strength and durability means that shipping containers are excellent for storage.

And that makes Safestore Containers your best storage solution.

Containers for Hire

Safestore Containers has two excellent Self-Storage Container facilities in Auckland, but for those who prefer to store their possessions on their own property, Safestore offers Containers for Hire.

It means extra storage space on your property that’s hassle-free.

Firstly, because a Container for Hire from Safestore Containers can be delivered right to your door from our nearest depot located at Whangarei, Kerikeri, Ruakaka, Auckland, Hamilton, Thames and Rotorua.  Secondly, there is no fixed term so once you no longer need your Container for Hire, Safestore Containers will collect the Container for Hire from you.

And it comes with all the advantages of a shipping container as a storage Container for Hire.  The Container for Hire is strong, dry and secure meaning your possessions will be safe and free from the risk of water damage.

To find out more about the delivery of Containers for Hire to your property, click on the ‘For Hire’ button for information on your nearest storage depot for a Container for Hire located in Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Coromandel or the Bay of Plenty.

Safestore Containers sources nothing but high quality containers for their Self-Storage Container facilities, Containers for Hire and Containers for Sale.  Do your possessions a favour and store them in a Safestore Container today.


Self-Storage Containers

Last year was a bit of a washout, but I think we can say that the New Zealand summer has really delivered this time around.

The brighter, warmer weather means beaches, beers and barbecues.  But we’re finding that many people are taking advantage of the weather in other ways.  And they’re using our Self-Storage Containers, Containers for Sale and Containers for Hire to do it. Continue reading

Self-Storage Containers

When you live in a large urban area like Auckland, space can be a bit of an issue.

That is, not everyone has a large house in Auckland to store all their things, or maybe you’re in a flatting situation in Auckland and storage is limited to your own bedroom.  Which means you may be unable to take advantage of our Containers for Sale or Containers for Hire to store your possessions.  But Safestore Containers can help.

We have two Self-Storage Container facilities in Auckland.  And these Self-Storage Containers in Auckland are safe, secure and affordable.

Our Self-Storage Container Facilities in Auckland

There are two Self-Storage Container sites in Auckland – one in Glendene and one in Onehunga.  A Self-Storage Container is a fantastic storage solution – not only are they incredibly affordable, but a Self-Storage Container is strong and robust with no shared walls.

And our Self-Storage Container sites can be accessed all year round.

To find out the different sizes of Self-Storage Containers, the affordable prices and the exact locations of our Self-Storage Container sites, just go to our ‘Storage’ page. 

Still the same Containers for Sale and Containers for Hire service

As well as our Self-Storage Container facilities in Auckland, Safestore Containers can also provide Containers for Sale and Containers for Hire for our Auckland customers.

Our office is located in Ponsonby, Auckland .  If you would like a free quote on a Container for Sale or Container for Hire in Auckland, simply go to our ‘Locations’ page and click on the ‘Auckland’ link.  You’ll find information on the Containers for Sale and Containers for Hire we have available in Auckland.

Finally, Happy New Year to all our customers in Auckland, Waikato, BOP and Northland from everyone at Safestore Containers.  We wish you all the best for 2013.

Containers for House Storage

Safestore Containers’ Self-Storage Containers are clean, dry and secure.

Containers for Hire and Storage Containers at our storage depots in Auckland are a fantastic short or long term storage option.

But there are several ways in which you can enhance your storage experience and make sure your things are even more protected.

In this blog we’ll be giving you some handy tips on how to best store your goods in a Safestore Container. Continue reading

Containers for House Storage

Hiring containers provide an excellent storage solution in all sorts of situations.  Safestore Containers have containers available for hire throughout the upper North Island of New Zealand (Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Northland) with easy options for delivery.

In this blog we’ll be talking about all the different ways you can use a container for hire from Safestore Containers.

Situations where you might need a container for hire

Safestore Containers for hire to de-clutter a house that’s for sale

Make your house look bigger and more attractive to buyers by removing your extra possessions and placing them in your own container for hire during viewing times.  Continue reading

Welcome to the very first blog post for Safestore Containers.

Every month we’ll be updating you on what’s happening in our world of containers for hire, self-storage containers and containers for sale across the top half of the North Island, New Zealand.

We’ll also be giving you tips and advice on the best container self-storage solutions available.

Self-Storage Containers – news this month

We’re pleased to announce that 24 hour security cameras are now on-site at the Glendene self-storage container facility. Continue reading


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